River Heights

Last Updated: Thursday November 5th, 2015 09:00 PM HST

Stage Color Key
No Flooding Near Flood Minor Flooding Mod Flooding Major Flooding Obs > 24hrs

Location HeightTrendForecastStatus
Alakahi Stream near Kamuela - Hawaii (ALKH1) 1.40ft    Old Data
Honolii Stream near Papaikou - Hawaii (NLIH1) 4.55ft    Old Data
Kawainui Stream near Kamuela - Hawaii (KWSH1) 1.25ft    Old Data
Paauau Gulch near Pahala - Hawaii (PAGH1) 0.77ft    Old Data
Wailuku River at Piihonoua - Hawaii (WLUH1) 3.38ft    Old Data
Wailua River near Lihue - Kauai (WEBH1) 1.34ft    Old Data
Wailua River near Lihue - Kauai (WSFH1) 3.47ft    Old Data
Halawa Stream near Halawa - Maui (HLWH1) 2.16ft    Old Data
Hanawai Stream near Keanae - Maui (HNWH1) 2.06ft    Old Data
Honokohau Stream near Honokohau - Maui (HKSH1) 1.86ft    Old Data
Honopou Stream near Huelo - Maui (HPOH1) 0.69ft    Old Data
Iao Stream near Wailuku - Maui (IAOH1) 1.07ft    Old Data
Kaunakakai Gulch - Maui (KKGH1) 3.60ft    Old Data
Waihee River at Dam - Maui (WHRH1) 1.91ft    Old Data
West Wailuaiki Stream near Hana - Maui (WWKH1) 2.84ft    Old Data

Data Courtesy of the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service
Script Courtesy of Dennis at East Masonville Weather