I Choose Health

(Something that’s been on my mind for a while…)

As we enter the third year of this pandemic and witness continued divisiveness, it saddens me to know that “normalcy” probably won’t be seen for a while. Squabbles about which route to take (vaccinate (trust science)/not to vaccinate (not to trust science)) concerns me. When it comes to decision-making, I live in a somewhat “black and white” world. I believe in right/wrong, positive/negative, good/bad, etc.

I choose to believe we all have the liberty to make choices in our lives, whether they’re good ones or not. In the case of this pandemic, I’ve chosen to believe in truthful/factual science, not opinions of those not qualified. Reputable science-based sources are important and should be accepted as factual in my book; not pseudo-science, and conspiracy theories.

I choose to wear a mask to protect myself, my loved ones, my students, my community; by doing what I think is right. My job requires it. Did I complain? Initially, yes. But now, no. Is it difficult to teach with a mask on? Yes, but my students, coworkers and I have adapted. I was raised to adjust and “roll with the punches” when it came to life’s challenges, and I’ve done my best and continue to do so with that mindset.

I choose to vaccinate myself from Covid-19. Although I haven’t had a flu shot in a while, I see Covid-19 as something different and more alarming. Roughly six times as many people died from Covid-19 in 2020 than Influenza and Pneumonia combined.* I vaccinate in hopes that I don’t catch it, become sick, spread it, or even die from it. I want to protect more than just myself and am concerned for the health of others as well.

I understand the viewpoints of those who think that some of our civil liberties have been taken away by our government. However, we should authentically see through the eyes of those concerned with public health and trust that these entities are doing their best to protect us. They’re also rolling with the punches. I know we’ve been inconvenienced by all these ever-changing rules, but I see these as temporary adjustments until this pandemic end.

I love my family. We all have our individual thoughts and opinions about a lot of things. Some, I agree with; some I don’t.

Bottom line:

We all want this pandemic to end.

We all want normalcy, not just a new normal.

I continue to choose and follow truths, not conspiracies and pseudo-science.

* (Journal of the American Medical Association)