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    It’s been a while…

    Wow, yes it sure has been a while since I last posted something besides my automated Twitter and Instagram posts.

    It’s certainly been a busy time, both good and not so pleasant: Covid-19, spending quality time with those that I love, politics, a new school year, distance learning, not able to travel much, saving on gas, less wear and tear on the car, good health, etc.

    Today, I managed to work a little on my website. While doing so, I changed up the theme a little due to a php/Jetpack issue that I’m still trying to figure out. For some reason, Jetpack isn’t agreeing with php 7.4 on certain themes. Therefore the change of theme for now.

    As I mentioned years ago, this site will be updated as best as I can with the time that I have available. I hope to do more since I’m kinda getting tired of social media, especially Facebook. It’s gotten a bit too cranky and somewhat negative at times, especially around politics. I love positivity and strive to be as positive for myself and loved ones.

    So, with that said, I’d like to post more here (when I can, of course…), especially things that are positive. With an overkill of negatives going on in the world, we need more good vibes.


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